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Valance Skirt

January 10, 2011

Finally time to craft! I went a little crazy tonight, I was going through withdrawl. I FINALLY finished my first sewn garment, and I actually love it. But it should have taken an hour. And it took about 5. It started out as a valance that I saw at a thrift store.

And then I found this tutorial from Adventures in Dressmaking (check it out, it’s a fantastic blog).

I thought to myself “Wow. This is so simple. I’ll just cut off the part that goes on the curtain rod, ruffle the bottom, sew them together, and add a zipper.” And it should have been that simple. And I did do all those steps. But this valance fought me every step of the way. Maybe it was a little bit me, too. Regardless, it got done. The saddest part is that it is so summery and it’s way too cold for this skirt. It doesn’t look good with black tights. Believe me, I’ve tried.

I also started a couple of t-shirt and tank top re-fashions, I can’t to show them to you!

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