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Fresh Cut Headboard

March 17, 2011

So I’m not going to say that the headboard was terrible to begin with. I actually loved it. I just knew it could be better. It started about a year ago when I saw the beautiful wood siding in someone’s yard. They were taking it off the house, which was 100 years old and the siding was original to. I meekly asked if I could take it off their hands. It’s funny, because I felt like I was getting free diamonds and they were like “Really? Are you sure? Did you know that you can’t burn it?” I giddily made a headboard with it. It was the first thing I made on my own outside of Industrial Arts in High School.

However, I’ve been really inspired by shaped headboards I’ve seen on Apartment Therapy and around. So I pulled out my jigsaw and cut. Except my jigsaw is super cheap and crapped out about an inch in. So I borrowed my Father in Law’s trusty jigsaw and cut away. I am super pleased with the result, although I do have a bit more sanding to do.

I looked around a lot online at similar silhouettes for headboards, but I ultimately ended up basing my design on the Fancy Arched Bed by Ana White. I freehanded what I wanted on a piece of bristol board, then traced it onto my headboard. I have been thinking about painting it, but I’m not sure. One of it’s charms is the rusticness (not a word, but an apt description), but sometimes it looks borderline abused. I haven’t been gentle to it. If I painted it, I might go white. I also sometimes wonder at the likelihood that there is lead in the original paint. I should really buy one of those kits and check it out.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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